A Quick Guide of Choosing Your First Doll

Introduction: According to professional statistics, men who have a prolonged lack of sexual activity can shorten their lifespan, and inflatable dolls can help alleviate their own stress. In contemporary times, inflatable dolls have become essential items for many single men. So how should men choose inflatable dolls? What should be noted when using inflatable dolls?
Inflatable dolls, a type of adult sex toy that simulates human beings, serve as an auxiliary aid for male masturbation. In the current era of rampant sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS, using inflatable dolls is much safer. Below, I will discuss how to choose inflatable dolls and provide some precautions. If you're interested, please read on.

Step 1: Find What Face You Like

First, consider the appearance, and ensure a refined facial expression. Men actually pay attention to appearances. Therefore, when choosing, you must select a doll with a facial expression that you like. The inflatable dolls sold on certain platforms mostly use images of Japanese physical dolls, which cost tens of thousands of dollars each. Don't be confused by deceptive marketing. If you're buying from a platform, make sure to ask the seller to provide actual photos or even videos of the doll before making a decision to purchase or not

Step 2: Keep Eyes on the Trend

Stay updated on the latest trends in inflatable dolls. The fourth generation is now popular. The first generation had a relatively soft inflatable skin. The second generation had the facial features of women printed on the inflatable skin. The third generation had realistic faces, but many of them were not finely detailed, with prominent eyes and disproportionately large mouths. The fourth generation, which has been on the market for about a year, achieves realistic facial features, each resembling a beautiful woman, with attractive hands, feet, and lifelike details. When fully inflated, they reach about 165 centimeters in height, and they can withstand pressures of up to 175 kilograms (note: it is advised not to overinflate).

Step 3: Consider the features of the inflatable doll

In order to make the doll's body soft, a silicone (or polymer silicone) material is injected with an oil component, which also gives off an appealing fragrance. As time goes on, the doll's surface may become oily. Therefore, it is necessary to wash the doll once a week to remove the oil. Remember, oil removal is crucial.

Step 4: Inspect the quality of the inflatable doll.

Unpack the plastic packaging and take the doll directly to the bathroom. Be patient and remove the oil from the doll, checking for any damages that may have occurred during transportation.

Step 5: Precautions when using inflatable dolls:

Keep the doll clean and tidy. To date, there have been no health hazards associated with inflatable dolls. Each doll undergoes strict disinfection with acetone after manufacturing. Keeping the doll clean and hygienic is simple. The product comes with instructions and cleaning tools. Clean it with neutral soap and detergent according to the instructions.
Although the use of inflatable dolls may seem to reduce the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases on the surface, if multiple people share the same inflatable doll, especially if the doll used by women is not properly disinfected, it can still transmit diseases. Therefore, it is recommended to use the inflatable doll exclusively for oneself.
When inflating the doll, do not overinflate it just for the sake of a better feeling or appearance. If the doll experiences excessive force, it can easily burst. It is recommended to inflate it to about 80% capacity.
After using the inflatable doll, in order to maintain a solid body structure, it is advisable to use an air pump to remove the air inside and compress it into a thin layer for the next use.
When using the inflatable doll, it is also advisable to use a condom for safety