An Interview With One of Our Vendors

"Silicone/ TPE dolls are humanoid companions,
and sexual service is just one of their functions."
Yang Dongyue / 35 years old
Silicone doll manufacturer, founder
This factory produces over 3,000 "beauties" annually, with an average price of 20,000 yuan each. Yang Dongyue, an 80s generation entrepreneur, is the owner of this silicone doll company.
He initially made his fortune by engaging in the first wave of Japanese purchasing agents and earned his first pot of gold. In 2009, he happened to see silicone dolls in Akihabara, the electric town in Japan, which sparked great interest in him. He spent 150,000 yuan to purchase two mature Japanese silicone dolls and started his research and development in seclusion. "It took over three, almost four years, without any products. It was quite a headache. I invested around 5-6 million yuan from earnings in other industries into silicone doll experiments."
"At first, I wanted to export to Japan, Europe, and the United States. I didn't expect it to sell in the domestic market. Nowadays, our exports account for half, while the domestic market accounts for the other half, with an annual sales revenue of around 30 million yuan."
To customize a silicone doll, customers must choose from the manufacturer's current selection of 58 facial appearances, 11 body types, and 4 skin tones. The details also include the color of the pupils, the presence and color of the hair, the color of the nails, and the makeup on the face, among others.
So, what kind of people are the customers of these silicone dolls?
Yang Dongyue believes that "the cost of using dolls to satisfy sexual desires is too high. One doll may not be used a hundred times." His buyers are more in need of an exclusive humanoid companion tailored to their desires, with psychological needs surpassing physical needs.
"The majority of people's impression of silicone doll users is that they are otaku, who do not usually interact with women and are middle-aged without a spouse. However, among our customers, 30%-40% are married. Couples without children buy dolls and raise them as daughters. Elderly people who have lost their spouses also seek spiritual solace through dolls."
Yang Dongyue does not want to limit his business to the adult industry. He has always defined his silicone doll manufacturing company as a technology company.
"What we are making is a bionic humanoid. Adult products are just one of its functions. Imagine combining silicone dolls with artificial intelligence and integrating them with Siri-like technology. They would be able to communicate with people fluently and perform any task a human can do."
"For the sake of my girlfriend, I compromised with reality and sent two dolls back to my hometown."