FAQs about Legal Aspects of Sex Dolls in Canada

At HotGirlDoll, we take pride in being the official authorized vendor of TPE and Silicone sex dolls. We've established strong partnerships with renowned sex doll manufacturers, including WM, YL, SE, and many others. Our commitment to authenticity and quality is unwavering.

Is it legal to buy a sex doll in Canada?

In general, sex dolls are perfectly legal in Canada, and inflatable dolls can be found in any Adult Novelty shop. However, the legality may be influenced by whether or not the doll resembles, or portrays a child.

What dolls are allowed to import safely?

HotgirlDoll only sells adult sex dolls that could not be confused to portray the likeness of a child, which is considered "obscene" by legal definition. Some models offered by manufacturers, primarily for the Asian market, are not offered by us to protect customers and ourselves from potential legal issues. Click Here To Check Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) 
We're confident in the quality of our products, which is why we offer a comprehensive money-back guarantee on all orders. If your doll arrives faulty or misdescribed, we've got you covered. We're here to make things simple for you.

Why do high-end real silicone and TPE sex dolls raise questions about legality?

The material the doll is constructed of does not blur the lines of legality. It's about whether the doll resembles a child, which could lead to legal complications.

Legal considerations for import and sale at HotgirlDoll

The Harmonized Tax code used for mannequins (how sex dolls are typically imported) obligates HotgirlDoll to inspect shipments to ensure they do not contain "obscene content" that violates the Criminal Code of Canada.

How HotgirlDoll handles this?

If you buy from HotgirlDoll, the doll always ships to us first (Standard and Consolidated shipping, not dropship), keeping customers isolated from the inspection process. Customers are not identified on any import documentation, and HotgirlDoll works with relevant authorities directly to resolve any potential issues.

Customs Inspection Process

If a Customs Officer believes a doll resembles a child, they will ask for a second opinion. If both officers agree that the doll resembles a child, then the Importer of Record, in this case, HotgirlDoll, faces a serious issue. The burden of proof lays on the Crown to prove, before the Courts, that the material is considered "obscene" by legal definition. It's important to note that HotgirlDoll has never had a single doll rejected by customs or confiscated because of their careful selection of dolls to import.

Legal precedent

According to relevant legal documents, the burden of proving obscenity rests on the Crown, in this case, relevant authorities, who are alleging it.

Legal case example

In a legal case in Canada, an expert witness suggested that a sex doll depicted an adult woman, not a child. The man (who was later acquitted) was charged with possessing child pornography for possessing the doll, which was meant for sexual purposes.
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It's essential to understand the legal nuances and obligations regarding sex dolls at HotgirlDoll to ensure compliance with local laws and regulations.