A Visit of Doll Factory In Northern China

70% of adult products worldwide are manufactured in China, and silicone dolls are among them. They are even more beautiful than real humans, with long legs, slim waists, large breasts, narrow shoulders, and small faces. They can be sexy and alluring, as well as innocent and healing, resembling the ideal partner in the dreams of many men. Whenever there is a need, the image of a lover or wife can potentially reside within the body of a silicone doll.
Among the user base of silicone dolls, apart from single individuals, 30% to 40% are individuals with girlfriends or families. So, is a silicone doll merely a sex toy or a humanoid companion? Can it emotionally replace a real person? Does its existence have any impact on real-life intimate relationships?
In August of this year, a team visited the first silicone doll factory in Liaoning Province, China
Upon entering the office area, a 3D printer on the left was printing the face of a woman. In the center, a woman wearing traditional Chinese clothing greeted us with a bow. To our surprise, she turned out to be a silicone doll. On the right, there were two more silicone dolls sitting on a sofa, one dressed as a student and the other as an office worker.
As we continued further, we passed through various rooms where silicone dolls were interspersed among real people, sitting or standing in offices and financial rooms.
Then we entered the production area, where the production line was exceptionally clean. Uncle and aunties with a northeastern accent worked meticulously on the assembly line.

First Section:

In the first section, the manufacturing of the humanoid skeleton takes place, with each skeleton composed of over 100 parts.
A male photographer on-site remarked, "It feels like an automotive parts factory here, industrialized and precise."
A female editor present said, "This process takes place in a glass room, resembling a medical equipment room, giving a slightly cold feeling. From the smallest parts, it eventually becomes a human skeleton, truly magical."

Second section:

The manufacturing of the doll's body involves filling the outer part of the skeleton with sponge and applying a protective layer. This step is equivalent to shaping the doll's figure. Each order is customized based on the user's preferences. The factory has conducted user surveys before, and the ideal doll for users is around 154-162cm tall with shoe size 35-36. The preferred cup size for the breasts is B or C, not too large but definitely not A.
Male photographer on-site: "The body models are arranged and hung in the air, and the workers meticulously shape the doll's body, chest, buttocks, and legs. The whole scene is full of a sense of technology and futurism."
Female editor on-site: "It really looks like a poster from the TV series 'Westworld.' They first fill the back, then switch to filling the chest, and the size of the breasts is customized for each order. Each one has a perfect shape."

Third section:

The manufacturing of the skin involves pouring silicone onto the outer layer of the doll. In this section, all the exposed bodies are hung on hangers. Each doll has long legs, a slim waist, large breasts, narrow shoulders, and a small face. They resemble a perfect human figure that lies between the second and third dimensions, and even the veins on their skin are clearly visible when seen up close.
Male photographer on-site: "Sensual! It's like having Victoria's Secret supermodels standing in front of you."
Female editor on-site: "Each doll has a very symmetrical figure. Real people can never achieve this body type. Even girls feel the desire to touch them. On the other hand, with the dolls hanging there, they also resemble lifeless bodies, cold and icy."

Fourth section:

After obtaining the preliminary humanoid form, the dolls are bathed, polished, wiped, and then undergo makeup, nail and hair styling. Each step is carried out with great care, as if taking care of a girl without clothes. Once this step is completed, a silicone doll is fully assembled. Finally, the different body parts of the doll are separated, placed into boxes, and await shipment.

Impressions after the factory tour:

Male photographer on-site: "If a man comes here, he will definitely want to take a doll home. If you bring one doll back, you'll feel like a winner in life. It happened to be the Valentine's Day when I was there, and I had a silicone doll on each side. I didn't feel lonely at all."
Female editor on-site: "Every doll comes out with French-style manicures and perfect makeup. They are exquisite piggy girls. Only after seeing them with my own eyes can I believe why men can develop genuine feelings for them. Because here, they can truly have their own goddess. No matter how much influencers use Photoshop and beauty filters, they cannot compare to these silicone dolls."