What NOT to Use on Your Sex Doll: What Can Hurt TPE Material

Your dream model is like a party, and there are certain "guests" you want to invite, such as lube, to keep the party enjoyable. But just like any good host, there are three specific "party crashers" you should never include on your guest list. BUT be careful, some solution/liquid can be a barrier when you want to keep the party going smoothly and your doll in top shape.

Vegetable Oil

Let's clear this up right away: we don't expect you to cook your model! But think of those enticing, coconut-scented body soaps, or any fruity oil-based body products. They all have one thing in common – they don't allow your TPE doll's skin to do what it does best: breathe. In fact, these soaps seal the skin, which can lead to trouble in the long run. The sealed skin can cause issues down the road that wouldn't be considered manufacturer defects.


Alcohol is a bit of a tricky character when it comes to cleaning your doll's skin, as it can potentially damage TPE. As industry leaders who always prioritize our clients, we strongly recommend using our trusted products when cleaning or maintaining your model.
Be cautious of disinfection wipes, sprays, toy cleaners not designed for TPE, and similar products, as they can create "micro-cuts" on the doll's TPE skin, potentially causing damage.

Silicone Oil

Silicone oil can be a mischievous character when it interacts with TPE skin. TPE formulas vary by manufacturer, making it hard to predict how each will react. When silicone oil is mixed with spermicide, often found on wet condoms, it can harden the skin, similar to the effects of a burn on human skin, but this process happens gradually. We've also observed a potential shrinking effect, which can be a costly mistake.
We strongly advise you to avoid these three "party crashers." If you need cleaning materials, it's best to acquire them from the same source where you obtained your model in the first place, like us! Click Here for more information about TPE Material.
Your doll's longevity and well-being are our top priorities, so let's keep the party going without any uninvited guests! 😉