The History of Sex Dolls

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Today, the sex doll industry is bigger and more advanced than ever, with a huge choice of extremely lifelike dolls on the market. We will trace the history of sex dolls to help you know more about sex doll. 
More Than 2000 Years Ago -  Ovid's Metamorphoses
The history of sex dolls can be trace back over 2000 years to Roman poet Ovid, whose collection of poems and myths Metamorphoses, included the story of Pygmalion. In the story, Pygmalion, a Cypriot king and sculptor, carved a statue of a woman he named Galatea who was so beautiful that he fell in love with her and wished she would come to life. His wish was made true when Galatea was brought to life by the goddess Aphrodite and Pygmalion was able to make love to her.
16th Century - Dame De Voyage or a Duch wives’ tale
Some of the first sex dolls were created by French (dame de voyage) and Spanish (dama de viaje) sailors in the sixteenth century who would be isolated during long voyages. These masturbatory dolls were often made of sewn cloth or old clothes and were a direct predecessor to today's sex dolls. Later, the Dutch sold some of these dolls to Japanese people during the Rangaku period, and the term "Dutch wives" is still sometimes used in Japan to refer to sex dolls.
1908 – First Manufactured Sex Dolls
The first reference to manufactured sex dolls came in 1908 in a book by German psychiatrist Iwan Bloch, who wrote of both male and female dolls made from rubber that were available in Paris around the turn of the century. Each was individually manufactured by a doctor known only as ‘Dr P’.
1918 - Alma doll
In 1918, Austrian artist Oskar Kokoschka commissioned a life-sized doll of Alma Mahler (whom Kokoschka was in love with) to German puppet maker Hermine Moos, while he was in Dresden.[1] Although intended to simulate Alma and receive his affection, the "Alma doll" did not satisfy Kokoschka and he destroyed it during a party.
1930s – the figure of the modern sex doll
The German surrealist artist Hans Bellmer has been described as “the father figure of the modern sex doll” for his sex puppets in the 1930s whose more realistic models moved sex dolls further into the future. Bellmer made three dolls, increasingly sophisticated in design, which also made waves in the international art community.
1968s – Sex Doll Advertising
This all changed when sex dolls were advertised in American pornography magazines for the first time in 1968, where they could be purchased by mail order. High-end sex dolls were advanced further by the use of silicone from the 1970s onwards.
 1980s – Sex Doll Available in Adult Stores
By the 1980s, the secrecy around buying sex dolls had been largely removed; they could be found in adult stores across the U.S. and in red-light districts in Europe. However, these readily available dolls were mostly limited to primitive blow-up dolls, with premium models still difficult to find.
 1990s - First Truly Modern Sex Doll
In the late 90s, the realism and practicality of sex dolls made a huge leap forward. The artist Matt McMullen began working on a lifelike silicone female mannequin, and made the first realistic sex dolls for those in need. The dolls are made of silicone material and have a poseable PVC skeleton with steel joints. He also started the company Real Dolls, one of the most popular sex doll companies in the world.
2005 - Japanese high-quality silicone sex dolls – Dutch Wives
Japanese sex doll company starts to rent out high-quality silicone sex dolls – Dutch Wives. By the end of 2005, there were more than 40 Japanese Forest Dolls stores nationwide. Thanks to the development of the Internet, it has become easier to purchase sex dolls online from the USA and Japan, which also stimulates global growth for sex dolls.
2007 – Sexual Audio System
A Japanese company invents the “Sexual Audio System.” They added an mp3 player with a built-in pressure sensor to the sex dolls’ breasts. Dolls from this period had detachable heads and could even be implanted with real pubic hair.
2009 – Nax, First Male Sex Doll
The first male sex doll was made by Germans, named named “Nax.” It costs $10,000 and features “automatic erect penis” and “artificial automatic ejaculation.”
2013 - Australian Officials Confiscated Imported Sex Doll
Since 2013, Australian officials have confiscated imported shipments of juvenile sex dolls legally classified as child exploitation material.
2014 – Chinese Sex Doll with Affordable Price
Chinese sex doll brand WM DOLLS is the first to use TPE material for sex dolls. The dolls are not only cheaper than before, but also more realistic. More and more Chinese sex doll manufacturers have sprung up, including SY, UNA, YL, Dollhouse 168, 6YE Premium Doll, Irontech Doll, and Doll4ever and etc.
In the 2020s, Sales of sex dolls increased significantly during the COVID-19 pandemic.
In recent years, the increasing demand for sex dolls has driven significant advancements in Chinese sex doll manufacturing. Today, customers have the option to customize various aspects of their sex dolls, such as skin color, body style, and breast types, to align with their personal preferences. It's an exciting time as new information about sex dolls continues to emerge, and you can stay informed by keeping an eye on updates here.

Reasons Why We Need A Doll

Interviews With a Few People

Sex dolls are considered highly authentic sex toys, but their functions extend beyond just sexual purposes. In recent centuries, sex dolls have been depicted in various forms of art and discussed in academic circles. These realistic dolls, typically made from silicone or TPE materials, have seen significant improvements in their craftsmanship and design. They now possess intricate details and lifelike features, surpassing their previous iterations. Moreover, these dolls can be customized to meet specific customer preferences, such as longer legs, larger breasts or buttocks, and a narrower waist. They can embody a range of qualities, from seductive and glamorous to innocent and comforting, fulfilling the role of a dream lover.
Many people mistakenly believe that sex doll users are mostly socially isolated otaku who lack romantic relationships or spouses. However, it's important to note that a significant percentage, around 30% to 40%, of sex doll users are actually married individuals. Some couples who cannot have children may choose to treat a doll as their daughter, while widowed elderly individuals may find emotional solace through these dolls.
This leads to the question: Are love dolls merely sex toys or can they be considered human companions? Can they genuinely replace real people emotionally? And what impact do they have on real-life intimacy?
Sex doll enthusiasts have formed their own communities where they can connect with like-minded individuals. Similar to other interest groups, these communities provide a platform for sharing experiences, fun stories, and valuable information through online forums. Within these communities, friendships are formed, and social interactions take place.
Lets see some interviews from some of the doll lovers:

Life Is Inherently Lonely. Lovers, Friends And Family Will Eventually Leave, But Dolls Will Never Die

June Korea, a US resident

June Korea, a US resident, shared his experience within these communities. He mentioned that they often gather around the sofa where their dolls are placed and engage in conversations about various topics such as life, housing prices, and even national affairs. These discussions foster a sense of camaraderie and provide an opportunity for socializing beyond the shared interest in sex dolls.
These communities serve as a supportive and engaging space for sex doll players to connect, exchange ideas, and enjoy meaningful conversations with others who understand and share their enthusiasm.           
By: June Korea (36), Silicone Doll Photographer
When I searched for images of silicone dolls online, I came across a series of photographs by June Korea, a Korean artist currently residing in the United States. In his series called "Eva," the silicone doll is his imaginary girlfriend, and they eat, sleep, and play outdoors together, resembling a real couple. Foreign media found it intriguing that the artist used "sex dolls" for his artwork, but the photos are devoid of any sexual connotation and instead evoke an indescribable sense of loneliness.
I scheduled a video interview with June Korea one afternoon after he had returned to Korea from the United States, where he now works as a teacher. The imaginary girlfriend depicted in his photographs had been disassembled and packed into several shipping boxes, sent back to his hometown.
Here is his account:
"I started photographing dolls in 2002. The reason I became interested in them is because I felt lonely.
I am not lacking in social interactions. But when I wake up alone every day, come home after parties and work alone, or stand in a crowd, I feel lonely. As a child, I naively believed that my family and friends would never leave me and that the beautiful memories would never fade away. However, as time went by, I realized that I lost them. Going through this over and over again didn't make me feel any better."
During my art studies in New York, I went through a breakup with my girlfriend at the time, and that's when the idea of giving a silicone doll an identity as an imaginary girlfriend and creating photographic artworks came to me. People may leave, but dolls won't die. If I document all of this in the world of imagination, it becomes eternal
For two years, I intensely photographed and spent almost every day with the silicone doll. We slept together, went shopping together, and had picnics together. We laughed and cried together, felt happiness and loneliness together.
Passersby would stare at us with strange looks, and some would even come and touch Eva, but I didn't mind.
Deep down, I knew that this romantic relationship was fake, and the inherent sense of human loneliness is something we can never escape. However, if you need it, dolls will always accompany you and never die.


Silicone doll users are not perverts. Please try to understand them more.

Jim, a cheerful and talkative 34-year-old man

With the company of the dolls, you can stay in that beautiful world for the rest of your life and never be influenced by the routine of reality.”
By: Jim (34)
Jim, a cheerful and talkative 34-year-old man, has been a doll enthusiast for over a decade. Despite living with his girlfriend, his living room proudly displays two silicone dolls, which he considers as artworks.
Jim's interest in sex dolls initially arose during his college years, driven by hormonal sexual impulses. However, he set aside this interest after going through puberty. It wasn't until the age of 31, after a three-year relationship ended and left him feeling drained, that he rediscovered his love for dolls and found a new purpose in life.
"Sakura is my first realistic silicone doll. I haven't engaged in a sexual relationship with her; instead, I see her as a daughter figure. At one point, my living room was filled with five dolls, but I had to send two back to my hometown due to my girlfriend," Jim explains.
For Jim, these dolls signify a fresh start in life. They provide companionship during his healing process after the emotional damage caused by his previous relationship. "Even if I eventually move on, having the dolls by my side allows me to immerse myself in a beautiful world, untouched by the mundane realities of life," Jim chuckles.
Jim's story highlights how dolls can serve as a source of comfort and support during challenging times, offering a safe haven and a chance to create one's own ideal world.



Zhang Bo, 34 years old, An Experienced silicone doll enthusiast

"This is me! I'm not alone." --- Zhang Bo's Girlfriend and His Dolls
In China, doll enthusiasts have a niche community. Like other interest-based communities, people share their joys and experiences on forums, gathering to appreciate dolls and socialize. Zhang Bo, a resident of Beijing, said, "When we gather, we put our dolls on the sofa and talk about life, housing prices, commodity prices, and the country's situation."
Zhang Bo, 34 years old, is cheerful and talkative, and you wouldn't guess that he has been a "doll owner" for over ten years. He lives with his girlfriend, and there are two silicone dolls sitting on the sofa in the living room, like art pieces in the house.
Zhang Bo's interest in dolls originated from the "hormonal sexual impulse" during his college years. After the puberty phase passed, he let go of that interest. It wasn't until he was 31 years old when he went through a serious breakup with his girlfriend of three years. He describes it as a divorce-like situation that left him emotionally exhausted.
This failed relationship made him more honest with himself and reignited his love for silicone dolls, giving him a new sense of purpose in life. Here is his account:
"I used to work as a mobile game planner and now work in new media. I have three dolls with names and characters planned, and three others without planned roles."
The first silicone doll that officially arrived at his home was named Xiao Ying. He never had a sexual relationship with her and considered her as his daughter. She cost over 15,000 yuan, a considerable amount of money. At that time, I was living in Beijing and didn't have the hassle of renting a house. The Internet industry was also doing fine, and I could earn enough in a month to afford her.
In this house, I originally had a full collection of dolls, a total of five. But because of my girlfriend, I sent two dolls back to my hometown. Whether it's about emotions or the spirit of commitment, I needed to give my girlfriend some space.
My family knows about the dolls. At first, they couldn't accept it and thought it was like looking at monsters. In their eyes, dolls were seen as something that would distract you from your studies and career, an "evil source" like phones and video games. I made sure to let them know that although I play with dolls, it won't make me neglect my career. I see it as a new starting point in my life.
Playing with dolls is more about the spiritual aspect. Taking them out frequently, photographing them, I'm thankful for online forums where I can write down my thoughts and share them. It's a place where I can get recognition, applause, and where some people feel like, "This is me! I'm not alone."
Whether or not to get married has nothing to do with dolls. It's about whether they suit you and how they can make your life comfortable and simple. Maybe after a couple of years, with increased wisdom and emotional intelligence, you realize that you still need a real-life partner, someone with flesh and blood, to learn how to interact with people and share your life with. But if you can't move on, it's also okay. With dolls accompanying you, you can stay in that beautiful world forever, unaffected by the constraints of reality.
What's the purpose of dolls? Their purpose is to provide people with more paths to explore.